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About Me

My name is Jason. I have an amazing wife, two young daughters, and two small dogs. By day, I am an engineer at Schweitzer Engineering Labs. By night, I’m an electrical engineering graduate student in communication and information theory at Washington State University. In the distant future, I hope do research and possibly teach.

On the rare occasion I have free time, I enjoy playing guitar, spending time with my family, reading sci-fi, and exploring Linux.

For a bit more professional or academic information on me, check out my school website, though it’s a bit sparse at the moment. My wife and I also share a family blog.

You can email me at jason@the-graham.com.

My PGP public key available.

About This Site

This is my personal blog, giving me a place to talk about my interests, blow off steam, and have some fun.

The site is hosted on Linode, using Arch Linux. It is composed with Vim, managed through git, and powered by Octopress. The source code for the site is freely available.