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Taking the Scenic Route

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If there is one thing that I have learned in my short time on this earth, it is that unexpected things happen. You lay plans, only to see them torn to sunders by Murphy.

As I think of all the metaphors for the unexpected happening in life the most common I hear are “life detours”, and “life throwing you a curve ball”. Perhaps it’s my aversion to road construction and baseball, but these don’t seem like positive connotations. I can understand being upset that life doesn’t go exactly the way that you had planned it, so perhaps these are appropriate for a great number of circumstances. But sometimes, the unexpected isn’t so bad.

I propose a new euphemism: taking the scenic route through life: going an indirect route and having experiences you could otherwise have missed along the way.

With this in mind: I would like to announce that I am taking the scenic route toward finishing my PhD. And by this, I mean that I am blessed to experience the opportunity of being a father. Twice.

Near Christmas time, my wife and I are expecting twins. And because of this, I will be slowing down my progress toward my PhD, and taking a job at Schweitzer Engineering Labs. We couldn’t be happier.