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Where Did the Summer Go?

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It’s amazing to me how quickly the summer went. In less than two weeks, classes start up again. This semester, I’ll be a TA for some as of yet unknown class. My advisor is hoping I get assigned to his RF class which includes a lab section, which is probably a strong sign that I actually will. If that’s true I’ll be busy grading many assignments and labs.

In the spring, shortly after the school year ended, I wrote a post about my summer goals. Let’s see how I did.

Goal Progress Reason / Excuse
Start writing paper to publish FAIL I suck at debugging simulations quickly
Exercise More FAIL Must organize shed for easy access to bike
Play Guitar More SUCCESS Watching Glee with wife, wanted to regain skill
Contribute to Open Source FAIL Simulation coding sucked up all my time

Truly, I’m not sure what happened to all my time. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with setting too many or high goals for oneself, but perhaps I overdid it. Next year I think I’ll have to try a bit harder. Hopefully I’ll be able to make more progress with research so I can accomplish more.

As far as what classes I’ll be taking fall semester, I’m taking classes titled “Estimation Theory for Signal Processing, Communications and Control”, and “Computer Communication Networks”, which is a popular class for both the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science grads.

Here’s to a new (exciting?) semester.