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Fourth of July

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My wife’s family enjoyed spending some of the weekend in Pullman with Whittney and I. We had a lot of fun playing games and getting to see our niece and nephew. They seem to grow bigger every week.

Whittney’s dad and brother stayed with us for the fireworks. For a smaller town, they put on a great show. The fireworks are somewhat synchronized to some music supplied by one of the local radio stations, and they do a festival of sorts in the park with bands and food before hand. We had a lot of fun.

If we’re in town next year, I think we’ll just walk from our house. It’s close enough that we only got to drive about two blocks closer than the house before we had to park due to the number of people attending.

As an aside, Whittney is finally starting to enjoy using our family blog as well. She’s exploring the interface and getting reacquainted with basic HTML editing.