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Alarming Car Developments

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My Subaru Outback recently crested the 120k mile mark, and was due for maintenance, which I had to take care of this last week. For other car troubles that I’ve had to take care of in Pullman, I’ve taken the car to Jerry’s Auto Repair, and I’ve been fairly happy with their service. It is more expensive compared with the place my dad uses back in Spokane though.

Sadly, after getting my car back this time, the car remote and alarm no longer works. When I dropped off the car, they needed to disable the alarm system because I forgot to give them my remote, and they couldn’t move the car. But after reactivating the alarm, my remotes no longer work. It seems that the memory module which remembers which remotes are set to that car got erased or something.

The alarm system is third party, and I don’t know what brand it is since it was in the car when I bought it a year ago. The mechanics tried a few different things to reprogram the system, but since they can’t see what brand the alarm is either (they also said that information alone wouldn’t help them, since the knowledge of how to reset the alarm is protected knowledge to which they’re not privy), the mechanics there don’t know how to reprogram it.

My wife and I are deciding whether or not it’s worth it to try an audio shop to see if they might know more. It would help the resale value of the car to have the alarm and remotes working. But on the other hand, the alarm used to be a bit buggy, and tended to go off in the middle of the night for no reason a couple times a week. So perhaps this is a blessing in disguise.