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Engineering Needs a TV Drama

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I’ve had an epiphany recently. You may thank me later for single-handedly saving the engineering profession. And you read it here first.

We engineers tend to be a cynical bunch. We’ve spawned the likes of Dilbert and Office Space. We’re not known to be terribly social people. Smart, but not necessarily likeable.

Thus, we must work to improve our socio-professional image. And I can think of no better way to do this than to create an engineering themed drama: a [Grey’s Anatomy][] of engineering, if you will. Allow me to give you a sample excerpt in a software engineering context.

Scene: John sits typing at his keyboard. He clicks the mouse, waits a few seconds, then scowls.

John: Damn, don’t do this to me.

John continues working. Enter Sue.

Sue: John, we need to talk about last night.

John: Not now, Sue. I haven’t finished the technical documentation you asked for, and I’m working on something else.

Sue: Its not about that. There’s something I need to tell you.

John: What do you mean, NULL pointer? *frustrated sigh* Really, Sue, we’ll talk to later, I don’t have time now.

Sue: Oh really? Will you have time after *dramatic flare* I give birth to your child? I’m pregnant, you worthless piece of…

John: What?? I can’t possibly be the father. Last night was the first time we were together since we broke up a month ago when I found you in bed with Steve.

Enter Steve.

John: Steve, you son of a bitch. You really are a piece of work. If I didn’t believe in this company that we started from scratch together, sold, and then went back to work for after the stock market crash I’d shove that smug look off your face.

Steve: Whatever John. You got those TPS reports ready yet?

I think it just exudes potential. Imagine all the interest in engineering professions such a show would bring. Giving people a window into the lives of real life engineers through dramatic lenses would restore our wonderful profession to it’s limelight, as in Roman days when we build the aqueducts.