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After trying out wordpress, I’ve decided the performance in terms of page loading times isn’t worth it for a “semi-professional”, public facing blog. My poor little server just isn’t able to handle all the mysql database lookups and php handling with any speed. Hence, I’ve decided to split from the more private, family oriented blog, and will try to segregate and not double post.

For myself, at least, blogging from the terminal is significantly easier than using the web interface, as well. Considering that I spend a significant amount of time using it each day, its just more convenient and faster for me.

I also like having a finer grained control over how the site looks and behaves. It takes a tiny bit of time to get working initially, but the results are well worth it in my opinion.

I’ve drawn inspiration (and quite a bit of code) from a few other nice looking blogs that I found through the list of other websites using Jekyll. The look and feel was largely stolen from a quite aesthetically pleasing blog, Tate Johnson. Extensions for archive generation and post previewing were adapted from Raoul Felix, and finally, the tag generation script and some assorted other ideas are found from Jack Moffitt’s blog.

My thanks to them and the many others who have shared their source code for their sites on Jekyll.