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School Update

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Its been over a month since I’ve written anything. I’ve been somewhat busier than last semester in school.

I’ve arrived to the start of midterm season, with my first being this last Wednesday. That particular class has been especially easy thus far, as its been a electro-magnetism review of stuff I learned in undergrad classes, especially from taking the physics electromagnetism and optics courses. I’m sure it will only get progressively harder though.

The other two courses, digital communications and error control coding (ie, channel coding) I’ve been taking are taught by my research advisor, and they are significantly more time consuming. On the bright side, after having these two courses, I’ll have put a significant dent in the knowledge that I need to contribute fully doing research, and will need less hand-holding. Assuming, of course, my advisor lays off the homework a bit so I have time to work on it.

Within my research group, I volunteered to maintain their website. I’ve decided to redo the aesthetics, and am slowly getting this done. Eventually, the Information Research Lab website will be much prettier than it is if you look at it currently.