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New Post for a New Semester

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Why do school textbooks cost so much? I have three classes, of which two require a textbook, and they cost $350 together. I used to be able to buy my undergrad books for 5-6 classes for under $500, though many were used, especially for lower level classes. I must start looking into buying books online a month or two before the next term starts, and see if that is any cheaper.

This semester I’m taking my first distance class. My graduate electricity and magnetism class is being taught by a professor in Tricities. There are five grad students in Tricities taking the class, and five more taking it in Pullman. We have a video feed to both the professor and what he writes either on a piece of paper in front of him, or on a tablet computer. The students in Pullman have microphones on their desks so that they can ask questions as the lecture goes on. After just one class, my initial horror has mostly subsided. The professor is no less understandable from over 100 miles away. I just wish I didn’t have to submit all my work electronically.